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The Henley Art and Craft Guild is a charity run by a committee of trustees who organise the running of three exhibitions each year and several workshops per month. The workshops mostly take place in Dunsden Village Hall, this venue had ample free parking.

The HACG committee also organise outings to exhibitions, organise speakers to broaden our understanding of art in general. We also develop local activities to encourage involvement in the arts.

Our aims:

  • Organise a variety of arts-based workshops

  • Organise exhibitions and other arts-based events

  • Encouraging the development of arts activity in and around the Henley area


Once you become a member you will be able to take part in workshops and/or exhibitions and various social events. Also, as a member, you can benefit from framing discounts from The Caversham Picture Framer and Angles of Art (click here for more details).

Full membership costs £30 per year.

Student memberships costs £15 per year.

The subscription year runs from 1st July to 30th June, but new members are welcome at any time throughout the year on a pro rata basis.

If you wish your information published on our website, please fill in the application form below. Fields market with * are mandatory. All other fields are optional.

If you only wish to join us so that you can take part in our workshops and/or exhibitions, you can just  go to our payment page by 

But you will also need to sign up on our website so that you can book workshops and/or exhibitions and renew your membership when due (go to the top of the page "Member's login/signup").

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